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“Mechanics” alone won’t get you where you want to go.
Successful pitchers combine several training dimensions to make them the best they can be.Tom House

Bio-Mechanical Signature

“You are only as efficient as your worst movement.” -Tom House

Each pitcher’s delivery is unique. And so is yours. In a very real way it is much like your signature. But the best and healthiest pitchers all have certain foundation principles in common. They all look different doing the same things!

Computer analyzing real-time 3-D motion data, captured at 500-1000 fps using multiple synchronized cameras, from nearly 800 of the game’s best and healthiest pitchers helps the NPA understand what all the best pitchers do.

Then we bring it to you…

Using specially designed NPA drills, you will address in order every part of your pitching delivery. With expert supervision, these drills will literally teach your body to pitch by utilizing proper timing, kinematic sequencing, and efficient mechanics. If you’ve seen the movie Million Dollar Arm, this is exactly the process Rinku and Dinesh followed. Having never seen a baseball in their lives (let alone thrown one), these drills taught them to pitch so effectively that they signed professional baseball contracts just 7 months after beginning their training with the NPA! They were SUPER dedicated, of course! And they started with the genetic ability to pick up a 5 oz. foreign object and throw it over 85 mph. Not typical! But then neither are you. You will also experience real, often dramatic improvement.

Nutrition, Recovery, and Sleep

“You are what you eat; what else can you possibly be?” -Coach Steve

What you eat and drink fuels your training and competition, and – along with sleep – facilitates total body recovery. We’ll help you discover the motivation to treat your body right, so that it can give the most back to you.

You are what you eat; what else can you possibly be? If it says Ding Dong on the wrapper, well…

Functional Strength

“You are only as strong as your weakest link.” -Tom House

Functional Strength is balancing movement quality with mobility, stability, and function through performance training for rotational force production and delivery, and the endurance and stamina to safely support bio-mechanics and repetitive workloads – pitchers are only as strong as their weakest link.

Have you stre-e-e-e-tched your arm and shoulder out lately? “Absolutely, with every warm-up!” you say? You might want to think again! Traditional shoulder stretches commonly done as part of baseball “warm-ups” can result in permanently reduced capacity for velocity! Learn why this is, and what to do instead to take care of your arm and body, and to preserve your velocity! Add to this, quality movement and functional fitness specifically for rotational athletes, and you have a winning combination for injury prevention and durability.

Mental/Emotional MGMT

“90% of this game is half mental.” -Yogi Berra

Mental/emotional management means facilitating the mind/body interaction, right thinking, preparation, focus, competitive toughness, accomplishment of goals, and building skills for life.

The mental (thinking) and emotional (feeling) aspects of competition are as important to your success as any other factor. You’ll learn to read opposing hitters’ vulnerabilities, the science behind using the intelligent combination of location and different pitches to constantly upset their timing (“Hitting is timing; pitching is upsetting timing.” -Warren Spahn), and how to stay focused in the moment, no matter what just happened, good or bad.

Note for parents and serious athletes: Used properly, baseball (and pitching) is a tool to help produce quality human beings. Your pitcher will come to understand the connection between preparation and performance on the field, and preparation and performance in life!

Where do I start?

“In theory, there’s no difference between theory and practice, but in practice there is.” Yogi Berra


Pitching Foundations Course

The Pitching Foundations course consists of ten (10) sessions! Each up to an hour in length. It includes integrated training in everything you see above. We’re not messing around here! Far more powerful than a few random “lessons!”

We will focus on proper warm-up and arm care protocols, and learn drills for skills that will literally teach your body to pitch (or help it pitch more efficiently than ever before). You’ll learn how to throw harder, how to control a pitch in-&-out and up-&-down, and how to throw different pitches safely.

This course will give you the solid foundation you need for the more advanced training that lies ahead.

Point-in-Time Safe Velocity Capacity Assessment

Personalized velocity and mechanics training

All pitchers want to throw correctly and hard. But few understand how to get there, and how to do it safely. That’s where UPA can help you, with the most advanced pitching research and coaching science in the world!

Would you like to know how hard you are supposed to be able to safely throw today (based on your current mechanical efficiency, functional strength, and other factors)? In other words, what is your current safe speed limit? With a specialized series of NPA-researched and validated tests, screens, and assessments we can tell you!


We’ll compare your current safe speed limit with how hard you are actually throwing today. Most pitchers are throwing with less velocity than they are capable of. Why is that?

Now, here’s the best part…

We can tell you why! We can tell you exactly what is keeping you from your safe velocity capacity, and we can give you a unique and personalized velocity training prescription to help you make up the difference! You will be throwing harder, better, and safer! And then you can build from there!

Following your assessment and prescription, you’re primed to immerse yourself in the NPA’s comprehensive training program with focus on bio-mechanics, functional strength, nutrition/recovery/sleep, and mental/emotional management – the complete package.

This is THE best training anywhere in the Mountain West.

Off-season Arm Care
& Recovery Mini-Camp Series

Off-season Arm Care
& Recovery Mini-Camp Series

Saturday mornings 9:30-noon through Feb. 3 (except Dec. 2)
2½ hours of new information and varied training every week! Open to ANYONE ages 13 and up!

100% National Pitching Association (NPA) approved protocols

    • Tom House, Founder
    • Led by NPA Mountain West Area Director Steve Nelson
What we do (2½ hours!):
    Discuss: Rotating topics from week to week – ½ hour
    • Mechanics
    • Functional Strength
    • Nutritional/Sleep/Recovery
    • Mental/Emotional Management
    • Pitching Strategies/tactics
    • Warmup and functional strength/agility/joint integrity training, etc. (lots of new material) – 1 hour
    Throw, etc.
    • Drills, flat work, personal workouts (PIT, joint integrity, functional strength, etc.) – 1 hour
You Can
    • Increase your velocity!
    • Prepare for spring!
    • Develop leadership!
    • Apply the latest in pitching science
What to Bring:
    • Bring all your regular light training gear (glove, towel sock, cords/grips, etc.)
    • The heavier/bulkier training gear will be provided onsite (dumbbells, plyoballs, swiss balls, velo bats, velo balls, etc.)
    • Turf shoes only indoors! No cleats.
Elite Level Sports Academy
2100 W. Alexander Street, Suite A
West Valley City, Utah

$75 for each 2½-hr session. Cash, checks (to “UPA”), credit cards all accepted.
Call, text, or E-mail (801-367-6822,

See you there!

Help for Catchers!

A great catcher can help a struggling pitcher, and make a good pitcher great. Coach Steve offers catcher training to maximize your skills:
Pitch Calling/Selection*
Functional Fitness
Field Management
* When you share this with your coach, he’ll want YOU to call the game!

The same program that turned two complete non-baseball-playing kids from India into professional baseball players in less than a year

The NPA Pitching Model is:

  • Connector.

    Institutional Review Board certified

    Institutional Review Board certified (the ONLY pitching model in this category!)

  • Connector.


    Co-researched with the University of Southern California School of Medicine

  • Connector.

    The result of a collaborative effort between:

    o National Pithing Association (

    o Titleist Performance Group (

    o Titleist Golf

    o Qualisys (

    o Input from Functional Movement Systems ( and EXOS (

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Steve has been hanging around with me since the late ‘90’s, and was actually in the very first (pre-NPA) coaching certification I ever offered in 2001. In the best NPA tradition, Steve is a perpetual student – both of the game, and of the effect it can and should have on players’ lives. This has helped him to become one of our most motivated, knowledgeable, and experienced NPA-certified coaches. No matter your age or experience level, you can count on him to help you discover and bring out your very best in pitching, and in life.Tom House, Founder – National Pitching Association and The Rod Dedeaux Research and Baseball Institute

logo160px Our Promise


Baseball is a game of failure, [commonly] coached by negative people, in a misinformation environment Tom House

Ouch! How are we supposed to wring success and fun out of that?!
The fact is, baseball is a game of failure. The best hitters fail 7 out of 10 times. The best pitchers fail half the time. Our success is defined by how we recover and rise to the next challenge.
– But baseball coaches can choose to be something better than negative.
– And there is better information available today than ever before, if we seek it out, verify it, and use it!

Present the best pitching information in the world in such a way that each player personally understands how it uniquely applies to him. Today’s pitcher deserves more than the “This worked for me, why don’t you try it” method of instruction. Universal principles of performance are applied uniquely to each pitcher.



Each pitcher will leave each session more passionate and motivated about the game (and about life!) than when he arrived. Learning is power. (And it’s fun!) That power, in baseball, is motivational! Pitchers will be motivated to practice and hone their skills, making UPA a better investment for their time, and for your money!

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